More Details On Xbox One To Windows 10 And HoloLens Design Revealed


The console war between the Xbox One and PS4 has been ongoing for a while now. And while the PS4 has been constantly hailed as the winner in each round in terms of monthly sales and some games, the Xbox One is far from slowing down.

In a recent earnings report from Sony, Ars Technica reports that despite the remaining units that keep the PS4 ahead of the count, the Xbox One is slowly pushing forward to lessen its gap. Churning out numbers in relation to the improvement in sales for the Xbox One, the deficit gap mentioned between the PS4 and Xbox One sat 1.8 million in the first quarter of 2014. But for 2015, this closed to 1.2 million at the start of this year, which may be a positive outcome of all the improvements and updates that Microsoft has been rolling out for the Xbox One.

At the Build 2015, Microsoft also revealed some of its plans for the Windows 10 and Xbox One integration. It appears that this time, the company has moved forward even further, allowing for a demo to be shown on how the streaming works.

According to Engadget, the resolution, speed and feel of the “Sunset Overdrive” was retained. The gameplay experience of playing on the Xbox One was the same as how it was when the game was streamed on an Intel Core i5 system with the Windows 10 OS. Even owners of older model computers need not worry, so long as there is an H.264 encoding to run properly.

For now, the source states that the Xbox One to Windows 10 streaming is still only available via the local network. But a key takeaway from Microosft Senior Director of Marketing Kevin Unangst is the future-forward development of remote play.

PS4 fans are familiar with this, since this is currently what is being done between the PS4 and PS Vita. This would definitely put the Xbox One on the map of remote play, especially for users who not only have an Xbox One, but are also looking forward to the Windows 10 OS release.

The HoloLens is another area with some developments for the Xbox One. VentureBeat reports that Microsoft’s upcoming augmented reality device may cost more than the PS4 or even the Xbox One.

Though a specific number has not yet been identified, but the comparisons that have been made price-wise is that it may be on the same level as a high-end laptop. Whether or not Microsoft plans on lessening the price remains to be seen, but considering the extent that the project has already pushed through, the pricing may be its make or break factor.


Source: International Business Times (AU Edition)