Microsoft partners with Unity to fuel the potential of HoloLens AR headset


In an announcement made at the build 2015 developers’ conference in San Francisco, Microsoft revealed that it has teamed up with Unity Technologies to enhance the potential of its futuristic augmented reality (AR) headset, HoloLens.

Microsoft has unveiled the HoloLens AR headset in January this year. The headset renders high-definition (HD) hologram-like images to a user’s surroundings. The realistic-looking images, which appear almost tangible, become interactive digital objects which impeccably merge into the environment.

As a result of Microsoft’s partnership with Unity Technologies, the HoloLens AR headset will be supported by the Unity game engine, which propels titles like Deus Ex: The Fall, Hearthstone and Hitman Go.

The Microsoft-Unity collaboration will give game developers the ability to work in combination with a popular and robust engine when they create games for the yet-to-be-released HoloLens AR headset.

Under the terms of the partnership, Unity will offer support for all the flagship features and capabilities of the HoloLens AR headset, including gaze, spatial mapping, gesture recognition, and voice recognition. In addition, Unity will also support the HoloLens’ ability to “anchor holographic objects to specific locations in the real world.”

About the HoloLens-centric partnership between Microsoft and Unity, Steffen Toksvig – the Strategic Technology VP at Unity technologies – said: “We’re happy to be working with Microsoft to ensure Unity is the best development engine for such an exciting new platform.”


Source: Northern Californian