Saturday, March 6, 2021

In light of TPP, let’s remember what Kim Dotcom made in 2012

Experts and newly seated government officials are combing through the fine print of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement — the full text of which...

How the NSA Spied on Antivirus Companies to Make Undetectable Malware

Russian antivirus company Kaspersky revealed recently that it was the target of hackers behind the Stuxnet and Duqu worms last year. The hackers have been attacking...

Steve Wozniak: Edward Snowden is ‘a hero to me’

Apple co-founder says the NSA whistleblower “gave up his own life . . . to help the rest of us” Steve Wozniak reaffirmed his staunch...

White House: NSA bulk phone-data collection is over

The White House has formally announced that the NSA’s program of collecting American phone records in bulk will finally come to an end. “I understand...

Keurig Green Mountain gets roasted. Stock drops 10%

Sales of Keurig brewing machines and accessories tumbled 23% in the first quarter compared to the prior year. The company had a lot of excuses,...

Here’s What Consumer Reports Says About the Apple Watch

Apple Watch is the top smartwatch when compared to a handful of other popular devices on the market, a new report says. Product-testing nonprofitConsumer Reports said...

Apple Facing Federal Probe; Allegedly Tried To Undermine Spotify

Apple is in some hot water after reportedly pushing music labels to end their relationship with Spotify’s free tier ahead of the relaunch of...

Security researchers find another ‘massive security risk’ in Lenovo PCs

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Microsoft shows off what’s new in Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 2

During Ignite earlier today, Microsoft announced the release of Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 2. Microsoft has published a new blog post today outlining some...

Windows 10 for phones features new contact functionality and Xbox integration in redesign

While we had seen hints at changes to the Windows Phone People and Phone apps coming to Windows 10 for phones before, a BUILD...
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