Saturday, March 6, 2021

Mercury was magnetic four billion years ago

Scientists have found evidence of a four billion year old ancient magnetic field on Mercury, according to new data from NASA's Messenger mission. The discovery...

Ancient star raises prospects of intelligent life

Can life survive for billions of years longer than the expected timeline on Earth? As scientists discover older and older solar systems, it's likely...

Lost in Space: Half of All Stars Are Rogues Between Galaxies

As many as half of all stars in the universe lie in the vast gulfs of space between galaxies, an unexpected discovery made in...

Astronomers have drawn the best 3D map of the Universe yet

A three-dimensional map of local galaxy superclusters created by a team of astrophysicists gives us the best picture yet of what the Universe looks...

Newly discovered mega black holes are ‘literally eating the universe’

The discovery by scientists could shed new light on the forming of the universe and why black holes emerged soon after the 'Big Bang'. Scientists...

Best Evidence Yet That Black Holes Exist

There are many wild ideas in science. But the theory of black holes — those objects so massive and compact that nothing, not even...

NASA Just Set a New Quantum Teleportation Record of 15 Miles

NASA scientists have traveled a new record distance in a strange frontier: quantum teleportation. They used this weird phenomenon to transmit information 15.5 miles...

Humanity Won’t Last Unless Humans Colonize Another Planet, Says Physicist Stephen Hawking

The world renowned British physicist, Stephen Hawking, has made a prediction about humanity. According to the scientist, the human species will not last for...

Our universe may be a hologram: study

Our universe may actually be two dimensional but appears three dimensional - just like a hologram, according to scientists, including those from India, Zee...

The Great Space Twins Study Begins

When serendipity hands scientists the perfect experiment, they don’t hesitate to jump on it. That’s surely the case with NASA’s improbable study of Scott...
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