Saturday, January 23, 2021

‘Promising’ coronavirus antibody found

An antibody that can stop the new coronavirus infecting cells in laboratory tests has been identified by researchers in the Netherlands, in...

Have scientists found a way to ‘switch off’ hunger?

We all know what it’s like to try and lose weight, only to find ourselves gorging on chocolate once the hunger pangs strike. There could...

Fracking Chemicals Detected in Pennsylvania Drinking Water

An analysis of drinking water sampled from three homes in Bradford County, Pa., revealed traces of a compound commonly found in Marcellus Shale drilling...

The willingness to do

There's no instructions for this Lego car, 21 year old Raul Oaida built the first full sized Lego car. It's fuel? Air. Nothing more...

New Blood Test Can Help Predict Cancer Up To 13 Years Prior To Improvement

Scientists have found that the altering lengths of blood telomeres could support predict the improvement of cancer years before the actual diagnosis. (Photo : Neeta...

New Cancer Therapy “Dissolves” Woman’s Tumor In 3 Weeks

In medicine, there is often the concern that a patient will not respond to a particular treatment, but in a turn for the books,...

Cosmic Ray Exposure On Deep Space Missions Could Damage Astronauts’ Brains: Study

A new study has revealed that cosmic radiation sustained during journeys into deep space could cause subtle brain damage in astronauts, decreasing their ability...

Astronomers have drawn the best 3D map of the Universe yet

A three-dimensional map of local galaxy superclusters created by a team of astrophysicists gives us the best picture yet of what the Universe looks...

Mysterious galactic signal points LHC to dark matter

It is one of the most disputed observations in physics. But an explanation may be in sight for a mysterious excess of high-energy photons...

The Great Space Twins Study Begins

When serendipity hands scientists the perfect experiment, they don’t hesitate to jump on it. That’s surely the case with NASA’s improbable study of Scott...
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